Racing Game Prototype- Project Biography

Date 17/12/19- Today I have formally started my game’s level design within Unity 2019.3.0b10. I have downloaded some free asset packs from the Unity store that will assist in the creation of my level. Alongside this, I am watching an online tutorial on creating a forest environment, to assist me as through the process. DateContinue reading “Racing Game Prototype- Project Biography”

Topic 5+7 Planning of my Interactive game product-

My Game product will be a Racing Game that will incorporate some sort of coin system which means that as you drive around the track, you collect coins that you can use to buy other cars. I will have it lap based, which means that the player can complete many laps, (around 3) and collectContinue reading “Topic 5+7 Planning of my Interactive game product-“

Topic 1 Reflection

Objective 1- My use of English Throughout my initial topic, I was able to consistently use appropriate English when describing and paraphrasing records I was able to access online. I have written with the correct English structures of sentences and paragraphs, and using sophisticated vocabulary when appropriate. Objective 2- My own contribution to my work.Continue reading “Topic 1 Reflection”

Survey analysis of results

My survey consisted of 10 overall questions ranging from short answers (Yes or No) to longer answers such as “Explain why…” My survey had been posted to the Games Design Facebook group where 3 willing people completed my survey. Underneath are the answers to my questions. Overall I got a rather balanced and varied setContinue reading “Survey analysis of results”

Topic 5 & 7- Analysis and Research of level design and audio

Primarily before a level can be designed, the designers must have an idea of what kind of level they want to be designed. Once the ideas have been conveyed and agreed to be worked on, the next stage would be the setting of a location and theme. This would allow for the designers to focusContinue reading “Topic 5 & 7- Analysis and Research of level design and audio”

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